A Transformational Online Course for the Modern Woman
Who Wants To THRIVE and SUCCEED doing what she LOVES!

  • You're ready to be a conscious creator of your life! It's time to prioritise YOU and explore what thriving and success looks like for you!
  • You're not feeling 100% aligned and this is making you feel a bit lost and uneasy! At the end of the day you want to know that you've lived your life with passion, purpose and meaning.
  • You have DREAMS of what your life could look like but you know that in order to achieve it, you must let go of the past labels and societal expectations that you have accumulated throughout life!
  • You've put a lot of pressure on yourself to succeed, but the weight of this responsibity is feeling pretty heavy. Your mind never stops, you're overwhelmed by your choices BUT too scared to pursue living life on your terms.
  • You are SO READY to be the REAL YOU 100% of the time and call in your soul-sisters. You don't know why but the older you get the more unbearable it becomes to not be authentically you.
  • You know that word balance is subjective BUT you are craving more of it and ready to explore what that looks like for you.
  • Everyone else's life has become a priority before yours, so self-care is pretty much non-existent but you're ready to make yourself number one priority!

Then The Thriving Academy is for YOU!


  • Discover your unique success strategy and stop trying to replicate everyone else's version of success!
  • Become a productivity Queen!
  • Feel confident shining your light bright and stand out by unleashing your unique zone of genius!
  • Say goodbye to all the things that are holding you back from doing and being what you want!
  • Learn how to stay positive despite any challenge!
  • Improve your relationships and call in your soul-people and clients!
  • Drop your unhealthy habits and become the healthiest and happiest version of you!



Ask questions during the week and be supported by Mel and get to know the other ladies who have and are completing the program



Get life-time access to The Thriving Academy Courses including videos, masterclasses and workbooks to assist you getting the best results

Valued at $1000



Life-time access to the online course created by Karissa Long, Global Health Coach and Nutrition Expert



Get additional support by amazing guest experts who will provide you with even more tools to Thrive and Create Success

VALUED $2000

Ready To Live Your Most Successful and Happiest Life?


4-Month Payment Plan


Module 1

Create your Success Map by uncovering what YOU really want and start living the life you have always intended to live. 

❤ Discover powerful techniques on how to see through the fog and gain crystal clear clarity in your life.
❤ Learn the secret to achieving more than you thought was ever possible!

Module 2

Accelerate your performance and enhance your joy and fulfilment in your work by discovering your genius zone.

❤ Discover your strengths, talents, interests and personality type and make them work for you not against you!
❤ Create incredible success and happiness by learning how to work in your genius zone. 
❤ Unleash your entrepreneurial superpowers and finally standout in business. 

Module 3

Step into the ‘real’ you by letting go of the past and embrace what makes you uniquely amazing.

❤ Discover how to step into your personal power and be 100% authentically you, 100% of the time!
❤ Let go of your inner critic, own your story and create your own happy ending.  

Module 4

Wake up each day with more energy and discover the secret to reducing stress, anxiety and worry!

❤ Discover simple strategies to short-circuit stress and how to choose happiness each day.
❤ Learn one of the most powerful positive psychology tools that will literally change your life forever. 

Module 5

Revitalise all of your relationships by discovering the essential ingredients to creating more connection and less conflict.

❤ Boost your relationships with even more connection, love and happiness, with simple yet effective positive psychology techniques. 
❤ Learn the secrets to having happy, loving and long lasting romantic relationships.

Module 6

Mindfully restore your mind and body to support you to be the happiest and healthiest version of you.

❤ Learn the four essentials to maintaining your wellbeing and the secrets to staying on track.
❤ Learn my mindfulness hacks to keeping you calm and centred, even in the most stressful of times.


❤ Nutrition 10: Everything that you need to make the best decisions when it comes to food.
❤ Healing Inflammation: Stop inflammation in its tracks and put you on a path to healing.
❤ Real Food Meal Planning: Foolproof strategies that will make you a meal planning pro in no time!
❤ Essential Oils and Your Health: How you can incorporate them into your life to optimize your health.

JUST A few of the academy's guest experts

Danielle Bruce
Intuitive Relationship Guidance Coach

Danielle provides powerful advice on how to create love from within to draw in the love that we truly deserve.

Jessica Reid
Global Clairvoyant, Channel & Purpose Fulfilment Coach

Jessica shares her powerful advice on how we can follow our soul's intuition and achieve alignment in our lives as super ambitious women.

Karissa Long
Global Health Coach and Nutrition Expert

Karissa teaches the process of changing our relationship with food, creating healthy habits even with a busy schedule, and achieving optimal health.

Michelle Stonhill
Wealth Strategist & Author

Michelle shares her wisdom on how to have an abundant money mindset and be a wealth attraction magnet.

Why Work With Me?

Hey, I’m Mel Deague, a Positive Psychology Coach, from Perth, Western Australia. With over a decade working in psychology and human resources, I have helped hundreds of people create powerful breakthroughs in achieving happiness and success in their life.


My promise is to learn what makes you tick, see you the real you, think about your needs deeply, help you to see your options, create a plan to live your best life, keep you accountable and excite you to achieve massive positive change in your life and business.

“It’s rare that you come across a coach who has the ability to teach from such a depth of professional expertise and entrepreneurial wisdom, as well as personal experience. Mel is this coach. As an expert international speaker, author, and leader in the fields of positive psychology and human resource management and behaviour, Mel helps you create tangible change that is delivered with power, and supported with her intuitive and nurturing nature. If you’re thinking about taking the leap to work with her, do it Now, and you won’t be disappointed.”

– Niyc Pidgeon, Best Selling Hay House Author, International Speaker, Positive Psychologist and Certified Success Coach.


❤️  Get out of overwhelm and boost your productivity, so you have time to enjoy the most important things in life. 

❤️  Get clarity on your big picture goals and effectively plan to make them happen, bringing more meaning and excitement for your future.

❤️  Gain confidence in being authentically you and letting go of your false truths of the past, so you be comfortable being you with anyone.

❤️  Create flourishing relationships in your personal and work life, so you are supported to be the happiest version of you.
❤️  Remove obstacles to living a healthy lifestyle, giving you more energy, less downtime and more time experiencing the best of life. 
❤️  Align your career and business to your strengths to become a consistent high performer and to be recognised for your efforts.
❤️  Create opportunities from any of life’s setbacks, to help you reduce stress, worry and from repeating the same mistakes over and over again.
❤️  Create financial freedom by earning more money doing what you love and create the lifestyle you have been dreaming of. 
❤️ Become the happiest and healthiest version of you, by giving you a life-long happiness toolkit so you can continue to Thrive!

What Some of the Thriving Academy Graduates are saying...

Mel is one of those people that you instantly fall in love with! She has the biggest heart and has given me more clarity and confidence than I ever could have given myself. Every time I chat to Mel I feel better about who I am. The world needs more people like Mel and if you’re lucky enough to work with her you will wish you had sooner!

– Jade, UK

Mel is so motivating and inspirational and has really changed my mindset and the way I view myself. She has taught me simple tricks that have increased my productivity in business and family life. Mel really knows how to set people up for success and The Thriving Academy was such a positive experience for me. 

– Claire, Australia

Mel is generous with her time, authentic, understanding, compassionate and passionate about supporting me and my business. The way Mel delivered her knowledge, made it very easy to understand and apply. Mel has helped me use positive psychology in a way that has been so beneficial to my business and, more importantly, my family relationships have been enhanced and I am so much happier and at ease with life in general. Mel has made such a difference to my life, personally & professionally.

– Jody, Australia

Joining the thriving academy has been the best investment I have ever made for myself. I have built many professional relationships, I found my dream job which will allow for more income in the long run, I have started working on my business plan for my future business and I have also harnessed the ability to control my thoughts and decrease the negative self talk (this is tangible because everyone around me can see I hold myself differently). Mel is very kind, open-minded, intelligent, genuine, and straight forward. When I needed someone to be very blunt with me, she was. When I needed some guidance and teaching, she was there to show me.

– Karaline, USA

Mel has helped me have a greater understanding of who I am and helped me increase my confidence to carry myself and my business forward. Mel is authentic, practicable, encouraging and keeps you accountable.

– Charlotte, UK


► Suffering from worry and anxiety
► Stuck in the past and don’t know how to move forwards in your life and business
► Feeling stuck and not 100% aligned in your business
► Tired of holding yourself back from living the life you have always wanted
► Able to take instruction and be coachable?
► Willing to get out of your comfort zone to create personal breakthroughs to achieve the business growth you desire.
► Willing to invest time, energy and financial resources in yourself?


► You’re not prepared to put in the time to do the work required to transform your life!
► You make excuses, complain and blame instead of taking action in your dreams.
► You’re not willing to get out of your comfort zone and do the work. Successful people build successful habits… and that includes showing up for yourself with an awesome work ethic.


4-Month Payment Plan