I help the modern woman THRIVE and SUCCEED
doing what she LOVES!
  • You know you have a unique genius inside you (you can feel it!) but you don't know how to tap into it so that you can achieve happiness, fulfilment and success in your work.
  • You desperately want more connection with yourself, your partner and call in your soul sisters.
  • You want to wake up each morning with energy, health, strength and happiness.

Do you have a deep desire tO

  Be comfortable in your own skin, to accept and love yourself just the way you are?

  Step into your authenticity and learn how to speak your truth so that you feel confident being you?

  Achieve more success doing what you love but not at the expense of your health and happiness?

  Remove the obstacles that are getting in the way of you thriving so that you can wake up everyday feeling energised, happy and ready to tackle life’s challenges?

  Get crystal clear clarity on what happiness and success looks like for you and make an achievable plan to make it happen?

Hi Lovely...

I have a confession to make… I use to really struggle to thrive- I couldn’t work out how to balance working hard to achieve success in my career and business without sacrificing my health and happiness. I wanted both – a fulfilling career, health and happy relationships – but I didn’t know how to make it happen.

For so long I felt like I could only have one or the other, so I focused on my career and ignored the other areas of my life. This resulted in me getting sick all the time, I was tired and I wasn’t happy.

I’d had enough of living like this and it lit the fire in my belly to find the blueprint to living a thriving and successful life.  I was not living my best life and to be honest, it was a hard pill to swallow to realise that I was the one responsible for many of my struggles. 

In a lot of ways I had already achieved quite a lot in my life but I wasn’t content or happy. I had this deep longing for more! 

I felt guilty for wanting more- I tried to ignore my feelings BUT they just wouldn’t go away!

I struggled to know what wanting more actually looked like for me- it was just this feeling I had deep inside. I’d been collecting a whole lot of knowledge, qualifications and experience BUT I never really had a clear vision of where I wanted it to take me.

I dug deep, did a lot of inner work, got more qualifications, sought out mentorship from industry leaders, went to healers and spiritual gurus, had lots of therapy – all with the intention to help me find my path and to uncover the secret to Really Thriving!

And oh boy… did I find the answers I was searching for and they were not what I was expecting!  

There is so much more to success than all that material stuff I was working so hard for! Real success lies within. And you can access your inner success when you focus on thriving in all areas of your life and get super clear on your personal blueprint to success and happiness.  

I’d finally learnt how to Thrive in all areas of my life: To wake up each morning with the tools to feeling great, to show up as my best self, to get in flow and appreciate all the beautiful things that life has to offer, to attract the most heart-centred people into my life and to infuse more love and joy into my existing relationships.

Essentially, I was able to feel good in ALL areas of my life, and this is what true thriving means to me and what I am so passionate about helping my clients achieve!

And the cherry on top was establishing a successful location independent business that fitted in perfectly with my life, my dreams, passion and purpose!

This coaching program is for you, if you are…

  Feeling stuck in your life, career or business and want to live in alignment with your life’s purpose.

  Tired of holding yourself back from being the real you, speaking your truth and living life how you want to live it.

  Ready to create massive personal breakthroughs and transform the way you work and do life.

  An action taker, who wants to earn more money, success and the freedom to do more of what you love.

  Ready to say goodbye to those limiting beliefs and stories that are getting in the way of you being the Thriving Successful Woman you were born to be.


What’s included in this personalised coaching program?


  2 hour Activation Session

Clarifying your vision and goals within the key areas of your and identifying the steps to take you from where you are now to where you want to be.

 10 x 45 minute Coaching Sessions

These session are personalised to you and your goals and what will support you best.

  1 hour Reflection Session

Solidifying your platform for success and happiness over the past 4 months of coaching and making sure you have a plan in place to continue growth after the program is complete.

  Clear actionable steps to implement between each session so you know exactly what to do each week.

  Extra resources and tools as needed.


Unlimited voice note support throughout the 4 month program

VALUED $1600

The Thriving Academy Online Program

Valued at $497

Love Thyself
Online Program

Valued at $97

1 hour follow up session
(*3 months after completion of coaching)

Valued at $297

 “Mel is one of those people that you instantly fall in love with! She has the biggest heart and has given me more clarity and confidence than I ever could have given myself. Everytime I chat to Mel I feel better about who I am. The world needs more people like Mel and if you’re lucky enough to work with her you will wish you had sooner!”

Jade, UK


My Coaching Promise To YOU

  • I will help you see what is truly possible for you and empower you to achieve crystal clear clarity about what your happiest and most successful life looks like.
  • I will support you to map out your BIG goals and create a workable plan to achieve them.
  • I will motivate and hold you accountable to doing the work to turn your plans into reality.
  • I am a results-driven coach and I want you to get HUGE results from working with me, in your head, heart AND bank account.
  • I promise to help you see your unique brilliance and potential AND create a plan to unleash it.
  • I’ll use my skills and natural intuition to see what is really going on for you beneath the surface and what is really holding you back.
  • I am dedicated to continual learning to ensure that I am up-to-date on the latest findings and innovations on success, mindset, positive psychology and holistic therapies.
  • It brings me absolute joy to share my love of learning and my own personal insights with you, on what it really takes to thrive as a successful modern woman. This also means you don’t have to do all the hard work of reading all the books, doing all the qualifications and courses I’ve done over the years.
  • I combine my qualifications in behavioural science, counselling, business, human resources, adult learning, positive psychology, strengths psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, human design and my personal learnings to create a holistic approach that has created phenomenal results for my clients.
  • I get to know each and every one of my clients on a deep level and honour their individuality and uniqueness. I take the time to really tailor your experience so that I bring the tools, ideas and knowledge to the table that will accelerator your success. I pride myself on getting my clients the results they want and being the best coach that I can be.


When I started working with Mel, I was struggling with my confidence, lack of awareness of my greatness, negative self talk and I really was struggling with loving myself.

Mel helped me learn a lot about my success strategy in life and in my career. I also learned how to love myself through actively having a relationship with myself before having a relationship with anyone else. I am now comfortable in my own skin for the first time in my life.

Since working with Mel, I built many professional relationships, I found my dream job which will allow for more income in the long run, I have started working on my business plan for my future business and I have also harnessed the ability to control my thoughts and decrease the negative self talk (this is tangible because everyone around me can see I hold myself differently).

Mel is very kind, open-minded, intelligent, genuine, and straight forward. When I needed someone to be very blunt with me, she was. When I needed some guidance and teaching, she was there to show me.

I would absolutely recommend others to work with Mel because not only is she insightful, but she is a great active listener and she role models what a she teaches about being a successful thriving woman.

Working with Mel has been the best investment I have ever made for myself.

Karaline, USA

“I started working with Mel to help me to identify where to focus my efforts, increase my self-belief in me and my business, gain tools to understand the bigger picture, what I actually wanted to achieve and how to achieve my version of success.

I decided to work with Mel because of her generosity with her time before I had even committed to coaching with her and her authentic belief in me and my business.

Mel helped me to create my vision, which I see every day. I have increased my client base and my professional connections and collaborations through increased confidence & self-belief, which is starting to result in financial gains.

The thing I liked most about working with Mel was her passion for supporting me and my business, her authenticity with her connection, her understanding and compassion. And the way she delivered her knowledge, made it very easy to understand and apply.

The work Mel has done with me and showing me how to utilise positive psychology has been so beneficial to my business finally starting to take off and, more importantly, my family relationships have been enhanced and I am so much happier and at ease with life in general.”

Jody, Australia

Private Coaching with Mel


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