Hey, I'm Mel!

I am so honoured you’re here to get to know me…

It’s my soul’s mission to help women live their happiest lives and for them to own their unique brilliance (aka genius) and unleash it to create epic success!

Hey, I'm Mel!

I am so honoured you’re here to get to know me…

It’s my soul’s mission to help women live their happiest lives and for them to own their unique brilliance (aka genius) and unleash it to create epic success!


For over a decade, I’ve been on a pretty big transformational thriving journey. At times it’s been a really rough ride and for quite awhile, I’d almost accepted that not thriving was my lot in life!

From the outside looking in, my life looked pretty good but my inner world was not feeling so shiny! I was good at keeping up appearances, putting a smile on my face despite how I was physically or emotionally feeling and my career and life accomplishments provided a good facade that I was acing life.

But my heart was desiring so much more out of life…

  I knew I had a unique genius inside me (I could feel it) but I did not know how to tap into it or how to use it to achieve happiness and fulfilment in my personal and work life… and I could not let go of my dream of getting paid for the things that I was most passionate about.

  I desperately wanted more connection with myself, my husband, family, friends and the wider community.

  I wanted to wake up each morning with energy, health, strength and happiness!

Thriving Woman website

Thriving Woman provides women with free resources and links to help them thrive.

My personal experiences and my insatiable love of learning have led me to develop the WOMAN blueprint that incorporates the huge array of practices and modalities that have helped me become the thriving woman I am today. 



Mel Deague is a positive psychology coach, writer, speaker, human resources professional, strengths coach, neuro-linguistic practitioner, time-line therapist and human design type practitioner.  Over the years, Mel has amassed a whole lot of qualifications and experience using a wide array of modalities that she infuses into her coaching practice.

Mel has a Masters in Human Resources Management, Graduate Diploma in Business, Bachelor in Behavioural Science and Counselling, Certificate in Training and Assessment and an array of certifications in positive psychology coaching, strengths psychology, timeline therapy, neuro-linguistics and human design. In addition, Mel has been mentored by spiritual and business leaders across the globe to give her the skills to help her achieve her life’s purpose.

Mel has worked in psychology and in the corporate world as a strategic human resources practitioner for over a decade. For the last few years Mel has taken on the entrepreneurial world to accelerate her big mission to help all women thrive and unleash their genius to achieve their version of success and happiness.



  I am from the sunny shores of Western Australia and I am very grateful to live in such a beautiful place in the world.

  My most important job is being mum to my beautiful daughter!

  Soul time for me is walking amongst the trees, smelling the earth and listening to the birds sing or feeling the sand between my toes, meditating to the sound of the waves crashing! I am a total nature girl.

  I am a committed lifelong learner and I love nothing more than reading, researching and piecing together what I’ve learnt to share with others.


 I am a big picture type of girl, I can see the vision for myself and others and I love making a good plan to turn those dreams into a reality.

  I love talking to people, getting to know them on a deeper level, seeing their potential and helping them achieve clarity through my clear to the point communication.

  I’m not scared of big goals – in fact I love them! They motivate me to learn and extend myself to achieve.

  I am a big believer in taking action and that it’s the best pathway to success. Your best opportunity for big level growth and improvement is learning from failures and overcoming obstacles.

  • Find clarity on what you really want to be doing so that you can become the happiest most successful version of yourself.
  • Uncover your unique success strategy to living and performing your best so that you can feel successful and in alignment.
  • Create a plan by removing the obstacles that are getting in your way of thriving and obtaining your version of success.

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