Discover the simple tools and strategies that positive psychology has to offer you
that will radically boost your confidence to dream big and show up authentically you

Hey lovely, do you...

πŸ’– Lack the confidence to do what you REALLY WANT?

πŸ’– Fixate on everything that’s wrong with you that it’s hard to list the good stuff?

πŸ’– Feel stuck in a cycle of self-sabotage and because of this you are not progressing your goals as quickly as you’d like?

πŸ’– You are not feeling aligned, living or speaking your truth in fear of what others will think?



At some point in our lives, most of us have struggled to love ourselves, to appreciate our unique beauty or have the confidence in our abilities to do and achieve the great things we dream about.

Our self-love issues develop from a complex mix of past experiences, striving to be what we are not, focusing on our weaknesses and getting so completely out of alignment that our true identity is so hidden that we get stuck in indecision and overwhelm on what we really want.

How do I know this? I’ve been that girl. Learning to love myself has been a big journey and I’m still working at it – but I’ve come a long long way from the insecure, people pleasing, self-hating girl who was too scared to be who she really wanted to be. I give thanks to the strategies I share in this short course.

Since working with these strategies, I...

  • Found my purpose and been able to apply it in my corporate job and in my business
  • Was confident to strive for my big scary goals
  • Reduced the drama and the negativity in my life
  • Embraced setbacks and challenges as a source of growth instead of feeling like a failure

Learning to love yourself is not a quick fix, it takes commitment and work
but I promise you that if you do the work your life will change!

In this short course I’ve condensed my learnings from years of working on how to love myself and I’ve put it into bite sized chunks of learning so that you can make your progress a lot quicker than I did. You also won’t have to spend the time or money I have, to find the strategies that actually work!

These strategies work. They have helped me to get from a very low place to helping me build the necessary foundations so that I could start working on my dreams and become a happier, healthier and shiner version of myself.


5 audio modules

4 editable workbooks to deepen your learning

1 bonus self-love meditation

Self-paced online learning with audios and workbooks to help you imbed your learnings


Introduction and overview of the science of positive psychology that will show you how working on your happiness is the best investment in your success.

πŸ’– Change your mindset to feel happier, more resilient and say goodbye to jealousy.
πŸ’– Never look at failure the same way again.
πŸ’– Boost your confidence with simple mindset hacks.

πŸ’– How the theory of wellbeing can help you become more than just happy.
πŸ’– Reduce stress on your body with positivity.
πŸ’– The trick to reducing self-sabotage starts with success rituals.

πŸ’– Focus on your strengths to get into alignment with what really matters to you.
πŸ’– What to do about your weaknesses so you never have to worry about them again.
πŸ’– Start discovering your soul’s purpose.

πŸ’– Say goodbye to the inner critic by learning the art of self-compassion.
πŸ’– Raise your self-awareness so that you can live a life of continual growth.